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  Dedicated to Horticulture, Recreation and People with Disabilities  


Charles Sourby, MS Ed.


I began my career at YMCA Camp Sloane as Charlie Nature.Then, I worked at the Kitchawan Research Station of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Later, I established several vegetable gardens for group homes while working as a gardener on the Rockefeller Estate. I paired-up with community based therapeutic recreation (TR) programs: North East Westchester Special Recreation and Southeast Consortium; Residential Treatment Facilities (RTFs): Green Chimneys and The Children's' Village; at Calvary Hospital's "state of the art TR program" & in several Nursing Homes. I brought the out-of-doors in.

My interest in Recreation Therapy and Horticultural Therapy grew out of my work. I used recreation and horticultural skills, supplies and equipment. I worked in groups and with individuals my whole career. My interest in Therapeutic Recreation grew out of a vigorous outdoor lifestyle: Hiking, Caving, Back Country Skiing, Paddling, Gardening, Nature Study, Camping, Outdoor Music Festivals and Traveling. My interest in Horticultural Therapy germinated years ago.

I tried to reach everybody including developmentally disabled children, teens and adults; physically disabled children and adults; seniors, and hospital patients. I believe in the healing power of people, plants and pets. I battle severe Multiple Sclerosis every day. My goals for dealing with MS include developing MS self help groups, enjoying early retirement, writing books, taking accessible vacations, going on accessible camping trips and raising my daughter.





                                                     Kykuit                                                                                                          Three Pools


         " Adam and Eve"                                                                        " Man" 


                    "Aphrodite"                                                                         Grotto




                                Rose Garden


   Floribunda,  Grande floras. Hybrid Teas, Polyanthas, & Tree


Path to Ice Cream Parlor                            Note Hudson River in Background



       Japanese Garden Teahouse                                East View From Front Portico of Kykuit

         a great place for breaks                                            note: replica of Oceanus statue





                     Sourby family with Cassie before MS made paddling impossible for Charles   



                                                                         Black Eyed Susan's


                                                                              Lady's Mantle - Lady's Tears



                                                                           Epimedium & Wild Geranium

                                                 Palliative Care HT:  Alzheimer's Patient  with  terminal cancer



                                                                           Horticultural Therapy Group  Alzheimer's related Dementia