creed sowing seeds
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I believe this is one of Earth’s finest moments

That the sun lifting yellows and greens into the life of tiny

Poplar leaves is much like God’s own Spirit of Love

Lifting life into me.


I believe that the Word of God has many times been

Planted in my life, often because of another who received

The seed in ready soil, brought forth harvest

And shared the goodness with me.


I believe that the call to be one who Sower of the Word a privilege

And a blessing, that no one can ever earn the right or claim the duty,

That it is a gift freely given and a ministry

To be constantly celebrated in gratitude.


I believe that great things can come forth from even the

                  Tiniest seed planted in love

                  And cared for tenderly in the heart of another.


I believe that God knows what sprouting  and greening will come from the word

                  Planted through my ministry. I am content in knowing that I have tried,

                  With the Sower’s grace,

                  To seed that word in faith and joy.


I believe that even the most insignificant aspects of life

                  Can be the seed of God’s gifting,

                  That deeper faith can root  and mature in vary ordinary soil.